Hot Pink and Plum Brown Stacked Eyeliner Tutorial (Super Quick!)

If you already wear eyeliner on a daily basis, this is a super quick way to step up your game and add a streak of color but still keep things wearable for work or school.

It’s sort of the reverse of what I did in a previous stacked liner tutorial here, and it is probably easier to get more precision and intensity.


You will only need:

  1. A dark pencil liner of your choice. This can be brown, black, navy, plum, etc. I used a plum from Clinique called Intense Aubergine.
  2. A bright colored liquid liner of your choice; it can be matte, metallic, or glitter. Anything! I’m using a hot coral pink from Maybelline’s Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner line, called “Hot Pink”.

There are only 3 steps, and they’re all above. No lengthy text! Any colored liner you pop on over the dark color will add some vavavoom without looking over the top. (And the dark pencil liner acts as a “guiding line” for the liquid.)

One tip: Before applying the liquid liner, make sure you take off any excess on the back of your hand. You can build up the color if there’s not enough. It’s much harder to control the brush if you have too much product on it at the start.